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Winnipeg Crime Decline Is Not Enough

Winnipeg Crime saw a slight decline in 2011, but police still say it is not enough. Unfortunately, the city believes it will be at the top of the list for violent crime in Canada once again in 2012. Winnipeg had … Continue reading

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Toronto Crime Spree Is On The Rise In The Safest Neighborhoods

Toronto Crime hot spots are concentrated around the northwest and the core of the city according to police data that was recorded over the last seven years. The data is split up into sexual assaults, break-ins, assaults, robberies, stolen vehicles, … Continue reading

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Victoria Crime Is Not Much Better Than It Used To Be

Victoria, Canada was labeled as a hot bed of crime back in 2008, and although statistics have seen a slight improvement in violent incidents, robbery is still a problem. The capital of British Columbia is still ranked among the top … Continue reading

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Montreal Crime and Home Invasions Can Be Avoided

Montreal Crime has dropped in the past few years, but that does not mean you should not protect yourself against robbery and theft. In December of 2011, former world poker champion Jonathan Duhamel, opened his door to two men who … Continue reading

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You Can Help Reduce The Edmonton Crime Rate

The Edmonton Crime rate is one of the highest in Canada being above the national average in severity of crimes and violent crime in Edmonton. Much of the country has seen a drop in crime over the past decade, but … Continue reading

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Ottawa Crime Rates Are Climbing

Ottawa Crime has declined as far as break ins with weapons are concerned. In 2010 there were over 28,000 reported property crimes in Ottawa. That figure dropped slightly in 2011 and 2012, but that does not mean that you can … Continue reading

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Violent Crime In Calgary Is Lower While Property Crime Is Higher

Although violent crime in Calgary has seen a decline in recent years, property crime has not. Even the safest neighborhoods can be burgled at any time of the day or night with home break in’s and invasions on the rise. … Continue reading

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Property Crime in Vancouver is on the Increase

Although the trend for property crime saw a decrease in much of Canada, crime in Vancouver has increased by 7.5% with burglary jumping a whopping 12.1%. Compared to most major cities in the United States, Vancouver has a lower crime … Continue reading

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