Property Crime in Vancouver is on the Increase

Although the trend for property crime saw a decrease in much of Canada, crime in Vancouver has increased by 7.5% with burglary jumping a whopping 12.1%.

Compared to most major cities in the United States, Vancouver has a lower crime rate, but property crime in the city is by far the biggest threat. Most believe that the rate of property crime has to do with the habitual drug community in the greater Vancouver area. With that being said, there is also an increase of gang activity in Vancouver and the surrounding suburbs. Gang on gang violence and break-ins account for much of the activity.

With that being said, the majority of crimes in Vancouver are non-violent. These include auto theft, tourist related incidents, shoplifting, and of course, home break-in’s.

The downtown east side of Vancouver usually sees more residential and auto theft, but that figure is rising in the west, north and south sides of the city.

On September 27, 2012, a Vancouver family was devastated after a thief broke in to their family home and stole over $40,000 worth of antiques, jewelry, and electronics. The burglary took place on Northeast 128th Court when the family was not home. The criminals entered the property by shattering the glass door in the back. Once they got inside, they ransacked the home taking antique jewelry that had been in the family for generations.

The family does not think the burglary was random as a friend had recently been broken into and one of the items missing was an address book of other families in the same neighborhood. After realizing that other homes had been burglarized, the police began to see a pattern.

Burglars that force open windows and doors frequently target all residents in Vancouver. You can prevent forced entry by installing security hardware and home alarm systems. If you would like peace of mind and more information about keeping your home and family safe, contact us here.

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