Victoria Crime Is Not Much Better Than It Used To Be

Victoria, Canada was labeled as a hot bed of crime back in 2008, and although statistics have seen a slight improvement in violent incidents, robbery is still a problem. The capital of British Columbia is still ranked among the top 10% of North American cities for breaking and entering. Crime in Victoria still happens.

The Zellers Jewelry Store in Victoria was broken into on March 12, 2012. Two men gained access by smashing the doors with an axe. Once inside, the man smashed display cases and stole gold and silver rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings and pendants totaling over $37,000.

In June of 2012, two men broke into a home on Langford Street. Unfortunately, the resident was home and confronted the intruders. He was beaten and then restrained while his home was searched. The two men stole cash, collectable coins, and clothing.

July and August of 2012 saw a number of break and enters in Greater Victoria and thanks to a tech-savvy tourist and the Victoria police recovered thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, and electronic goods. After the woman’s iPad was stolen in Saanich Road, she reported the robbery to the police and activated her global positioning software. The iPad tracking software was so accurate that it led her to an apartment on Admirals Road where she called the police. After a search warrant was obtained, the police found cardboard boxes filled with credit cards, guitars, laptops, desktop computers and cash. Four people were arrested.

Victoria has seen a rash of robberies, especially in homes that are under construction. In September of 2012, construction tools were stolen from a home on Cherry Tree Bend. Drills, skill saws, sanders, and an expandable ladder were among the items stolen from the home. The value of the goods exceeded $4,000.

Robbery happens everywhere in the world and if you would like to find out how you can keep your home and family safe please visit here.

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